Wanted: Contract for organic hard red winter wheat

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Subject: Wanted: Contract for organic hard red winter wheat
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Date: January 1st 2019


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I am interested to see if I could post to contract some wheat for 2019.  I have planted around 2500 of hard red winter wheat in Southwest Idaho and around 1900 acres of that we are expecting to be certified organic very soon.  This is a marginal dryland area so a contract for a specific number of bushels may be difficult, but I would like to entertain offers for a contract for total yield (whatever that may be) from the acres available with the condition that it does become certified organic prior to harvest.  This would be bulk grain and delivered.

Please feel free to write back or call/text me anytime at 208-590-2733.

Thank you.

Jay Clark

Diana Roberts, PhD

Professor and Regional Extension Specialist

WSU Extension

222 N Havana St

Spokane WA 99202

Phone: 509-570-8242

Email: robertsd@PROTECTED


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